About IYAK

International Yak Association

The mission of the International Yak Association:

·  To record yak pedigrees in the North American Yak Registry (NAYR)

·  To preserve and protect the genetic integrity of yak in the Herd Book

·  To advance awareness of yak

·  To educate its members in best management practices

IYAK and the North American Yak Registry (NAYR) were formally organized in 1992. IYAK was incorporated in the State of Oregon in 1995 and is a 501(c)(5) corporation. The first Certificate of Registration in the NAYR herdbook was issued in 1992 with the designated number of C001. There are now more than 1,700 registered yaks in the herdbook.

IYAK holds its annual meeting in January at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado. Members from around the world gather to compete in shows, attend seminars, share in the camaraderie,  and meet new friends.


Become a Member

Only members of IYAK may register animals or participate in IYAK sanctioned shows, such as the National Western Stock Show. Annual dues are $60 per year or you may obtain a lifetime membership for $400. If you purchase a yak from an active member, your first year's membership is free with completed animal transfers.

To apply for membership click on the link at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about becoming a member of IYAK or registering your animals, please contact:  Secretary@IYAK.org


Yak Registration

IYAK’s primary mission is to maintain and register yaks to the NAYR herdbook. Offspring of registered Foundation yaks may be registered to the Foundation herdbook via application to the registrar. Yaks from unregistered parents may be registered to the Foundation herdbook if approved by the Registration Committee.


DNA samples are required from all animals.DNA testing is used to fingerprint the animal, verify parentage and determine if the animal is a hybrid and therefore not eligible to be registered in the NAYR herdbook.

 IYAK Membership Application



Member Benefits

Access the educational pages of the website covering such issues as bottle feeding, halter training, hoof trimming, tanning of hides, fiber production and processing, meat production and processing, and training to pack or trek.

Advertise your business and or products to other yak breeders.

Register yaks in the National Association of Yak Registry (NAYR).

Find the ancestry of a particular registered yak.

Access Committee News and reports on fiber production & processing, health & nutrition, meat & meat marketing, and training & showing.

Find those members nearest to you that may share their local interests such as common pastureland deficiencies or toxicities, supplementing the local dry forage, pest control problems, or vet related issues, more convenient buying, selling, trading and shipping, or for temporary bull leasing.

Find those members who are actively selling meat or fiber products.

Show yaks at halter or in the pen at the annual show held during the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, every January, or in any other IYAK sponsored show.

Partake in the annual member meetingand vote for the Board of Directors at the IYAK Annual Convention and Show.

Partake in research grants and benefit from research results.    


Registration and Transfer

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