Library, IYAK Governance Documents

Proposed By-Law Revisions 236.1KB Proposed by-law revisions to be voted on at the annual meeting.
IYAK By-laws 2016 JAN 22 211.7KB
IYAK Code of Ethics 125.6KB The Code of Ethics was adopted by the IYAK Board
Board of Directors Candidate Criteria 129.7KB Selection guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors
Genome Committee Proposal Passes 37.0KB
NAYR-UpdateLetter 112.9KB
NAYR Rules 9-14-2012 21.6KB Rules governing the North American Yak Registry, as amended and adopted by the Board in 2012.
RegCom Protocol 10-22-2014 24.8KB Operating protocol for the Registration Committee.

Registration and Transfer

IYAK Animal Ownership Transfer 130.8KB Jul 24, 2018 10:11 AM

On-Line Yak Registration Form